Why Am I Running?

To make sure a Bigger Bastrop will become a Better Bastrop

There’s a lot to love about Bastrop: its historic character, its hospitality, its strong sense of community, its pace and quality of life, its great location. Job 1 of City leadership is meeting today’s needs while tending our inevitable growth with a broadly shared vision for tomorrow, a vision that preserves our uniqueness by proactively managing growth: increased commerce, increased local jobs, new residential development, increased traffic, as well as increased demands on City services and infrastructure.

We can do this by…

  • carefully controlling location, density and rate of growth through sensible processes and policies;
  • making sure that our streets, drainage, water, power, public safety, etc. (“our infrastructure”) keeps pace with development;
  • strategically recruiting businesses that provide good jobs for residents now and in the future and that strengthen the economic footing of our city;
  • working to create a diversified housing supply that serves all segments of our population: first time homebuyers, young families, limited income residents, empty nesters, barrier free housing, etc.

As a longtime resident, small business owner/operator and community leader and volunteer, I know we can make this happen.

To keep a close eye on the purse

A city that grows physically without growing its commercial base at the same page is headed downhill and at a rate that pretty well matches its rate of growth.

Keeping any city afloat financially requires a careful balancing act of City revenue and expenses. Bastrop is blessed in that its balance sheet is hugely strengthened by retail trade and the property tax that comes for it. Our customers are residents “buying local”, of course. That base is boosted substantially by:

visitors who spend a couple of days or more enjoying what Bastrop has to offer,
travelers just passing through but who might need a break from the road, a tank of gas or maybe a meal, and
the thousands who live nearby and who see Bastrop as their go-to place for shopping, medical services, recreation, etc.

The result is that 41 percent of City revenues are generated by sales tax—a revenue stream that takes huge pressure off our property owners.  We need to grow that revenue stream—with increased local retail activity—by “buying local” AND by nurturing existing and new retail businesses that serve local residents’ needs and feed this essential piece of the City’s balance sheet.

As a 22-year retail business owner/operator, an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Bastrop Economic Development Corporation board of directors, I understand…

  • How critically important and urgent increased retail activity and development is to the City’s economic health now and in the future.
  • How quickly our sales tax revenue can be eroded by increasing retail activity in our neighboring communities.
  • How the development of major retail centers within easy driving distance can cripple our retail sales.
  • What kinds of business are needed to strengthen Bastrop retail offerings.
  • How loss of sales tax revenue will inevitably make us a “bedroom community” heavily dependent on ever increasing residential property taxes to support the City’s ability to maintain infrastructure and to provide essential City services.

To broaden citizen involvement in City decision making

We thrive when decisions that affect citizens are driven by broad community input and engagement.   Current City leadership has enthusiastically embraced this reality and has brought that thinking to new appointments to City boards, commissions and task forces; to drawing out and listening to citizen input; to increased transparency in decision making, and to telling the City’s story through keeping the community informed on emerging challenges and issues.

It is important also that the make-up of the City Council continues to reflect all areas of the City—not just the Downtown Historic District. My decades of working as a volunteer in this community has repeatedly brought home how much talent we have in this community, how much commitment there is to the future of “OUR Bastrop” and how readily citizens will step up to the plate when they become aware of a need. I see the City now working to increase accountability to its citizens and to strengthen community involvement in local government.   I pledge to do all that I can to keep that focus at the forefront.

Why Drusilla Rogers for City Council?

I have a very supportive family and I am so proud to receive the endorsement from the man who’s opinion matters the most to me. My husband may be a bit biased but I think he sums up well why I am running and why you should vote for me. See his letter below.

“For the past 22 plus years I have watched Drusilla donate herself to the Bastrop community. Drusilla has always viewed public service as a privilege. Drusilla has the experience and traits to be an effective council woman.

  • (Experienced, Leadership, Perseverance, Team Player) I have lost track of all numerous boards and committees she has lead or sat on. This is on top of managing her own business. Those who have owned a business know the struggles and the amount of time you must put into it to be successful. Then ad a family on top of it.
  • (Dedicated) All those events! I am not just talking about the work organizing of an event but also the grunt work. Like getting up at 4:30 in the morning to go set up parade stuff or downtown vendors and then working the event all day, only to have to clean the street or take a stage apart at midnight. This was done to not only ensure the event’s success but also to ensure the community experience was the best it could be. She made look easy.
  • (Compassionate, Empathetic, Sympathetic) I am also talking about the times she has reached out to people on a personal level to help with a fundraiser or something else they need, sometimes just to make sure they were okay. Often it is someone we hardly know. Or overhearing that a business’s sales are down and then going there to buy stuff we don’t need just to help them (even competitors).
  • (Diplomatic, Listener) I have also seen her challenge someone with questions until she understood them. Then agree or disagree then talk out a solution that benefits both.
  • (Courage, Resilient, Patience, Fortitude) I have also seen her keep a level head and stand her ground while being berated and ridiculed by someone that disagreed with her. Then proceed with what she felt was right.
  • (Ethical, Fair) There has never been a hidden agenda in anything she has done. It is always about getting involved to fulfill the desire to make people better and have a community where everyone prospers. No one is in her pocket nor is she in anyone’s pocket. She treats everyone with the same amount of respect and uses facts to influence her decisions.
  • (Authentic) Drusilla does not put up a front for anyone. She is straight forward and will let you how she feels. She is also not big headed or afraid to admit her mistakes. When she is wrong she holds herself accountable and is truly sincere in her apologies.

I know I am biased because I am married to her but those that know her, know this is true and not all of you know each other. Yawl each see different small portions of how great a person she is. I fortunately get to see it all.I have been married to Drusilla for 30 years and I have been a police officer for 25 of those years. I have never known a better city council candidate.

If she becomes a city council woman, I know she will make the community I live in better.

If she loses, the community loses. But I get to spend more time with her which makes me a better person. So, it is a “win-win” for me.” – Cliff Rogers

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