How you can help

This campaign starts with you!

My campaign runs on what you and I can bring to the effort.   Your vote, certainly. Your donation, yes, to help pay for signs, printing and digital media expenses.  BUT—every bit as importantly—on your personal engagement in getting out the vote:

  • SIGNS of support: if you would like to make a statement with a sign for your yard, just call or message my campaign line 512-710-6916. Please leave your name, address and phone number.
  • Pass the word: visit with your friends and neighbors about the upcoming election and why you think Drusilla Rogers is best for Bastrop.
  • Friends of friends of friends: visit Facebook ( and Instagram ( for information on how the campaign is unfolding and what people are saying about the issues. “Like”/ “comment”/ “share” with your social media network…and encourage them to “share” as well. You can click the links at the bottom of the page to get you there!
  • Help with a get-together in your neighborhood. Message me at 512-710-6916
  • Lend a hand with some upcoming volunteer events: follow Facebook for information on events and volunteer needs. Message me at 512-710-6916 or if you would like to help out.
  • Go the extra mile: consider putting together a carload of those with limited accessibility, friends, and neighbors and give them a lift to/from the polling location at the Courthouse annex during early voting (April 23-May 1) or on Election Day (May 5)

And, certainly, if you can, help us meet campaign expenses with your donation here. 

Thank you,

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